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Award winning Swiss technology since 1951

Nagra is universally renowned for its authentic and revolutionary hi-fi equipment and professional audio recorders. They have developed some truly iconic products, over the past 70 years, including the first ever portable audio recorder and the first studio recorder. The Nagra CLASSIC range embodies function over form, refined down to its smallest details to deliver superb musical performance.


Developed from the critically acclaimed Nagra JAZZ, the Nagra CLASSIC PREAMP delivers a superb musical experience, ensured by the revolutionary technology and design philosophy that Nagra have cultivated through over half a decade of unique engineering. Allowing an increased number of  components compared to its JAZZ predecessor, it allows greater filtering of the internal power supplies for an even better listening experience. 

High quality custom-made components allow a completely unique design with no compromise to the engineering and assembly of the internal workings. With the capability to connect to a variety of sources, two power amps if required, and even a high-end home cinema system, the CLASSIC PREAMP is versatile and innovative in its potential to perform in a range of manners. The design is particularly user-friendly, with a front panel LCD screen, custom settings available and all functions accessible via a provided remote.

Perfect combined with the Nagra CLASSIC range for a seamless, aesthetically pleasing and high quality experience.


This Nagra CLASSIC AMP is renowned for its stability; no matter the loads placed upon it, it will perform with precision and character. It exhibits a simple aesthetic design, however its internal concepts are particularly innovative, with an overdimensioned transformer and a diode bridge placed upstream of the PFC decoupling stage, used to actively correct the power factor. The musical delivery produced is exceptional, so visit our demo lounge to experience it alongside its Nagra siblings.


Technologically similar to the world renowned Nagra HD DAC, the Nagra CLASSIC DAC has been further developed to integrate seamlessly with the CLASSIC range, and is more affordable than its big brother. Described as the most ‘analog’ sounding D/A on the market, it comes in the same chassis as the HD, so has a very similar aesthetic. The circuits of the Nagra CLASSIC DAC operate at a level 128 times superior to that of traditional CD and twice that of SACD. This creates a signal with incredible quality, resulting in perfectly coordinated harmonics and transients, giving a deep and striking musical performance. Chat to our experts for more insight into how the Nagra CLASSIC DAC ensures a fantastic musical experience.

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