Audiovector R3 Signature


The Audiovector R3 Signature is a floorstanding speaker system and is the entry level to the brand’s R3 range.

Complimentary UK mainland delivery included.

The R3 Signature’s are available for demonstration at our Chobham, Surrey demo lounge.

Please call or email to book an appointment / Tel 01753 863300.

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Audiovector R3 Signature

The R3 Series is based on a mixture of evolution and new inventions. Everything that Audiovector has learnt about performance loudspeaker design has been distilled and delivered in their most compact and elegant floor standing design. Patented Audiovector designed in-house drivers are proudly made in Denmark. Hand-crafted Audiovector silk dome and Air Motion Transformer tweeters are constructed to exacting standards and built into state of the art cabinets of exceptional quality – they look every bit as good as they sound, as numerous reviews around the globe testify.

The R3 builds on the pedigree of its smaller R1 brother, retaining the remarkable soundstage, insight and agility of that model, but adding greater scale, depth and authority to the proceedings. Every ounce of musicality is expressed with a genuine sense of size and presence, bringing the performance alive and into your listening room.

The R3 Series is available in three tiered levels, Signature, Avantgarde and Arrete. Each progressive iteration builds on the former to achieve even greater levels of detail, insight and resolve, providing the listener with a perfect choice of price and performance. Better still, Audiovectors unique loudspeaker upgrade path allows any owner to upgrade their existing design to the next tier up, as and when they require.

The top tier R3 Arrete also introduces ‘Freedom’, a new and revolutionary grounding technology, which addresses the movement induced distortion of and between the drive units in a loudspeaker. The currents running between the chassis are being processed and dealt with through a new separate crossover, which routes the signal to the ground terminal of your wall socket or your grounded mains distribution unit. Contrary to conventional knowledge, these currencies cause coloration and distortion between the drive units. By balancing and filtering these through a dedicated separate filter and by offering the possibility of connecting the speakers to earth/ground, we achieve a clean, very accurate, significantly more realistic sound with a low noise floor.

Standard finishes include silk white, black oak, Italian walnut and African rosewood, but custom RAL and automotive finishes are available on request.


  • IUC​ individual upgrade
  • LCC​ low compression
  • SEC​ soundstage enhancement
  • NES​ no energy storage
  • R Evotech soft dome tweeter
  • Audiovector carbon drivers
  • Titanium technology coils
  • DFF cross-over technology
  • Laminated baffles
  • Non parallel surfaces

Frequency Response – 26 – 28 kHz
Sensitivity – 91 dB/W/m
Impedance – 8 Ohms
Power Handling – 275 W
X-Over Frequencies – 230/3100 Hz
Bass System – Floor bass reflex
Bass/Mid Drivers – 6.5 “ Carbon
Treble Driver – R Evotech
Dimensions CM (footprint) Height/Width/Depth – 103.4 x 23 x 36

For more information on the Audiovector R3 Signature and the rest of the range, download the range brochure here or visit the Audiovector website.