Avid Hifi Diva II SP Turntable


A heavy aluminium platter and vibration absorbing properties of the screw-down clamp and sapphire bearing, work symbiotically with the chassis to reduce background noise to vanishing levels.

Providing plenty of breathing space for the music, the total lack of mechanical noise ensures that the finest sprinkling of detail is meticulously rendered, adding to a sense of compelling authenticity.

With twin belt drive controlling platter stability, coupled with our Digital Signal processing engine ironing out variations in the electrical supply, precision control of the speed is achieved, improving bass and treble definition for a smooth, yet dynamic sound.

The sheer sense of dimension and authority of the music, together with powerful dynamics and metronome timing, propels the SP into true high-end territory, leaving you enthusiastically reaching for your next record, time after time.


  • DSP Controlled PSU
  • Twin Belt Brive System
  • Vibration Tuned Chassis
  • Triple Layer Suspension

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 Made in the UK

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Avid Hifi Diva II SP Turntable

Power Supply

Diva II SP raises the performance bar against its sibling Diva II by stealing the power supply from the Volvere turntable. with our latest generation DSP signal-generating interface, this totally removes the vagaries of the mains power signal and allowing precise calibration of motor speed. Like all our turntables, each power supply is calibrated to the drive motor, tuning out vibration and maximising torque power, giving you clear, transparent sound with fast and controlled dynamic bass response, everything you need to enjoy your favourite music.


Machined from solid steel, the stand-alone 5Kg motor housing absorbs any vibration, preventing any getting into the turntable structure. The high torque motor providing the smooth silent operation to rotate the platter, making sure you keep the rhythmic pace of your music rock solid. Completing the motor package is the twin belt drive pulley. Raising the performance level with twin belt drive, the sound tightens up, singers and instruments become etched in their own holographic space


Avids single action clamp, crafted from solid aluminium with a stainless-steel grounding point, automatically flattens your records to the platter surface and aids the negative vibration present within the record to pass through the spindle to the subchassis below.

This reduces the noise floor of the record itself, allowing you to hear more information and realism from your cherished records.


Machined from solid aluminium to the same exacting standards of all our products, the platter is critical in giving have a high rotational inertia to maintain speed stability. Coupling with the conical shaped bearing cascaded from our Volvere design, there is no lateral movement as it self-centres. The cork composite mat offers a perfect interface to reflect vibration, retaining it within the record until it passes away more efficiently to the spindle.


Following Avids  cascading approach to product design, They employ the same bearing used on their Sequel and Volvere models to great advantage with the Diva II SP. Allowing optimum vibration transmission from the record to the chassis, your music sounds open, smooth, plenty of detail and dynamic, directly because of the noise normally associated with turntable bearings. Due to our uniquely designed sapphire jewelled thrust point, there is zero lateral movement which eliminates rumble, a noise common to lesser designs. The bearing is also self-lubricating and maintenance free for life


Avids uniquely designed chassis, with optimised rigidity, keeps the tonearm and bearing locked into their respective positions. Any unwanted movement here will result in loss of musical information. A coating is applied to specifically damp high frequency vibration, so that both high and low frequency vibration is time aligned during dissipation, give a clear, focused and neutral sound.


Avids resilient coupled suspension offers formidable immunity against acoustic feedback, keeping your listening experience focused and full of detail. Trapped between two layers of Sorbothane, a high absorption elastomer damps both plains of vertical movement. An additional foot layer maximises isolation from the supporting surface, adding another barrier to unwanted noise.


DRIVE                                  TWIN BELT DRIVE
SPEEDS:                              33.3 & 45.0 RPM (ADJUSTABLE)
TONEARM FITTING:     SME TEMPLATE + Adapters available
MOTOR:                              24V 12MNM AC SYNCHRONOUS
VOLTAGE INPUT:           100-240VAC 50/60HZ 20 WATTS MAX.
DIMENSIONS:                  450 X 390 X 140MM (WXDXH OVERALL)
NET WEIGHT:                  12.8KG (28LB) EX. PSU