Avid Hifi Ingenium Plug & Play turntable (Wooden Platter)


Complete with quality fitted tonearm and moving magnet cartridge the Avid Hi-fi Ingenium Plug & Play turntable truly is plug & play

Sharing the same design philosophy and features from Avid higher end  designs, Ingenium Plug&Play has a true audiophile engineered quality and features Avid’s unique sapphire bearing and clamping system which efficiently channels unwanted vibrations away from the record to the chassis.

This reduces the background noise of the record itself, so there is clarity to the music, the performance not vailed but vivid and transparent.

In our opinion the Ingenium Plug & Play Turntable is outstanding at the price

Click the link below to download the official product information sheet

Plug and Play Spec sheet – StudioAV

           Made in the UK

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