AVID Hifi Isopuk Isolation Puck


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Isopuks are highly effective isolators designed to reduce structure borne vibration and its deleterious effects on audio signals.

Structure borne vibration affects virtually every piece of audio equipment, but its effects are most damaging to the tiny signals read and processed by source components

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AVID Hifi Isopuk Isolation Puck

Vibration enters audio components via the feet & the chassis, reducing clarity, smearing detail and distorting frequency response. Eliminating this structural resonance in audio equipment results in instantaneous audible improvements; increases in soundstaging, improved imaging and (most importantly) smoother more natural tonal balance.

sopuks are manufactured using AVID’s uniquely tailored Sorbothane compound inserted into a machined solid aluminium housing. The shape enhances the Isopuk’s dissipation properties helps to further filter high frequency resonance. The felt base facilitates equipment movement and prevents furniture damage.

Available in two hardness levels, Isopuks offer an optimum loading range, ensuring performance geared towards the specific weight of the component. Mass loading should be equal on each Isopuk used; if the weight is imbalanced within the unit, additional Isopuks may be required under the heavier side to achieve proper isolation. An example of this would be under a power amplifier with a large, heavy transformer on one side; extra Isopuks should be used to help isolate this side.

A simple calculation will determine how many Isopuks are required for any piece of equipment.

  • Isopuk 5 optimum loading range: 0.1-2.0 Kg
  • Isopuk 7 optimum loading range: 5.0-7.0 Kg
  • Isopuks are sold individuall