Burmester 088 Stereo Pre Amplifier

£17,350 £15,495

Partnered together with the 911 Power amplifier  this package is one of the finest sub £40k Pre & Power combinations currently available

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Burmester 088 Stereo Pre Amplifier

· 5 x balanced (unbalanced via adapter)
· 1 x Surround Threw put
· 1 x Module (DAC Module fitted)

· 1 x balanced (MAIN OUT)
· 1 x balanced (TAPE)
· 1 x headphone jack
Remote IN/OUT for remote controling of other BURMESTERdevices
BurLink for external controling via RS-323 and USB
Width/ Height / Depth 482 mm/ 95 mm/ 345mm
19”/ 3.74”/ 13.58” (without plugs)
Weight: appr. 9,5 kg
appr. 21 lbs

Feature Overview:
· 5 balanced inputs (XLR 3pol.), can be used as unbalanced inputs via adapter if required
· Seamless integration into home theatre systems using the surround thruput terminal
· Module slot for one optional module: Supplied with DAC module fitted

Input sensitivity can be adjusted individually for every input, therefore disruptive volume
leaps when the inputs are changed are avoided
· Phase reversal of inputs for a flexible connection of devices with other devices with
differing PIN-configuration of the XLR-plugs
· 1 balanced output with volume control (MAIN OUT), XLR 3pol., equipped with X-AMP2
modules, which have already proven their quality in the Reference 077 Preamplifier
· 1 balanced TAPE-Output, XLR 3pol., with fixed volume for analogue tape recordings
· 1 headphone jack, 6,3mm (1/4“)
· Output amplification for MAIN OUT selectable between LOW and HIGH for the
adjustment for connected power amps or active speakers
· Global SETUP-Menu for individual adjustment of basic functions:
o Input sensitivity adjustable for every input from -6dB to +12dB
o Custom labelling of programmable inputs
o serial number can be read out in display if desired
o operating controls can be switched off on the device in order to prevent
maloperation (child-proof lock)
o factory settings can be restored at any time
· Separate SETUP-Menu for individual adjustment of special functions:
o Volume balance is adjustable for customized acoustics
o Volume setting at activation can be programmed
· Volume control and volume indication in steps from 1-60 or dB-steps
· Brightness of display can be adjusted in four Stepps, display-off function
· Power controlling of other Burmester devices, Master/Slave via DC IN/OUT
· Vibration-isolating feet with carbon fibre clips for ideal resonance decoupling
· Fully DC-coupled without distorting capacitors in the signal path for a precise bass
· Dual-mono design for maximum channel separation
· Latest, wear-free Burmester CMOS technology for switching of inputs
· Latest CPU technology (ensures capability for future upgrades of controlling unit)
· BURLINK for external control via RS-232 and USB as standard