Burmester 088 Stereo Pre Amplifier

£17,350 £11,295

We are delighted to be selling on behalf of the current owner this immaculate condition Burmester Top Line 088 Pre amplifer with the exceptional Moving Coil phono stage fitted.

We are also selling the current owners Burmester Top Line 911 Power Amplifier

Partnered together this package is one of the finest sub £40k Pre & Power combinations currently available

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Please call or email for further information and to arrange an audition

email Telephone 01753 863300

Please note the following

The unit is currently in storage, at short notice we can arrange an audition of our own 088 (our demo unit is Not fitted with the MC phono stage unlike the 088 we are selling) which is not available to purchase also the images used are not of the actual 088 being offered for sale.


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Burmester 088 Stereo Pre Amplifier

· 5 x balanced (unbalanced via adapter)
· 1 x Surround Threw put
· 1 x Module (MC Phono stage fitted)

· 1 x balanced (MAIN OUT)
· 1 x balanced (TAPE)
· 1 x headphone jack
Remote IN/OUT for remote controling of other BURMESTERdevices
BurLink for external controling via RS-323 and USB
Width/ Height / Depth 482 mm/ 95 mm/ 345mm
19”/ 3.74”/ 13.58” (without plugs)
Weight: appr. 9,5 kg
appr. 21 lbs

Feature Overview:
· 5 balanced inputs (XLR 3pol.), can be used as unbalanced inputs via adapter if required
· Seamless integration into home theatre systems using the surround thruput terminal
· Module slot for one optional module: Phono fitted

Input sensitivity can be adjusted individually for every input, therefore disruptive volume
leaps when the inputs are changed are avoided
· Phase reversal of inputs for a flexible connection of devices with other devices with
differing PIN-configuration of the XLR-plugs
· 1 balanced output with volume control (MAIN OUT), XLR 3pol., equipped with X-AMP2
modules, which have already proven their quality in the Reference 077 Preamplifier
· 1 balanced TAPE-Output, XLR 3pol., with fixed volume for analogue tape recordings
· 1 headphone jack, 6,3mm (1/4“)
· Output amplification for MAIN OUT selectable between LOW and HIGH for the
adjustment for connected power amps or active speakers
· Global SETUP-Menu for individual adjustment of basic functions:
o Input sensitivity adjustable for every input from -6dB to +12dB
o Custom labelling of programmable inputs
o serial number can be read out in display if desired
o operating controls can be switched off on the device in order to prevent
maloperation (child-proof lock)
o factory settings can be restored at any time
· Separate SETUP-Menu for individual adjustment of special functions:
o Volume balance is adjustable for customized acoustics
o Volume setting at activation can be programmed
· Volume control and volume indication in steps from 1-60 or dB-steps
· Brightness of display can be adjusted in four Stepps, display-off function
· Power controlling of other Burmester devices, Master/Slave via DC IN/OUT
· Vibration-isolating feet with carbon fibre clips for ideal resonance decoupling
· Fully DC-coupled without distorting capacitors in the signal path for a precise bass
· Dual-mono design for maximum channel separation
· Latest, wear-free Burmester CMOS technology for switching of inputs
· Latest CPU technology (ensures capability for future upgrades of controlling unit)
· BURLINK for external control via RS-232 and USB as standard