Chord Electronics DAVE DAC / Digital Pre Amp

£8,500 £6,250

The DAVE DAC Needs no further introduction, it is the most advanced DAC Chord electronics have ever made

We are selling this excellent condition DAVE  on behalf of a customer in part exchange, it is offered for sale including all the original Box, Packaging, accessories & Free UK mainland delivery .

The serial number is 36712 – Please call to arrange a demonstration or to answer any further questions. Tel 01753 863300

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Chord Electronics DAVE DAC / Digital Pre Amp


  • USB B-style: 44 kHz to 768 kHz – DXD and Quad DSD
  • 2x optical: 44kHz to 192kHz
  • 1 x AES: 44kHz to 192kHz
  • 4 x Coax: 44kHz to 384kHz
  • Dual-data mode available

Outputs digital: 

  • 2x ultra-high-speed coax 768kHz dual-data mode for use with future-unannounced Chord Electronics products.
  • Maximum output voltage: 6 volts RMS
  • THD and noise at 2.5 volts: RMS 0.000015 %
  • THD and noise at 2.5 volts: 127dBA Awt (124dBA into 33 ohms)
  • Dynamic range at -60 dBFS 1kHz -127 dBA A wt

(No measurable noise floor modulation, no a harmonic distortion)

(Analogue distortion characteristic: no distortion for small signals)

  • Power requirements: mains power 80 volts to 260 volts; AC 20 watts