dCS Rossini clock

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dCS Rossini clock

  • Designed for maximum flexibility as output configuration can be optimised in systems with a wide variety of digital audio sources
  • Dual crystal oscillators with microcontroller-enhanced temperature correction
  • New dual frequency output and auto- clocking mode used in the Vivaldi and Rossini range improves ease of use and minimises jitter, particularly with computer audio sources
  • Multi-stage regulation ensures sensitive clock and PLL circuitry is unaffected by digital interference
  • Aerospace-grade machined aluminium chassis fitted with tuned acoustic damping panels reduces magnetic effects and vibration


  • Type : Class 1 Master Clock
  • Clock :Frequencies 44.1kHz or 48kHz
  • Dimensions : 444mm/17.5” x 435mm/17.2” x 64mm/2.6”. Allow extra depth for cable connectors
  • Weight 8.3kg/18.3lbs
  • Clock Accuracy : Better than +/-1ppm when shipped, over an ambient temperature range of 10°C to 30°C. Typically +/-0.1ppm when shipped and stabilised