Kii Audio. Kii Three Speakers

Call for Price

The perfect combination of stunning design and revolutionary electronic acoustic, each Kii speaker hosts everything you need for an incredible audio system in one compact housing. Whilst many audiophiles combine a diversity of different brands to put drivers, amps, speakers and cables together on one (often messy looking) stand, the Kii THREE have compacted top end and seamlessly compatible components into one speaker. This makes the Kii THREE one of the neatest and most aesthetically impactful designs we have ever seen, plus it comes in bespoke colours for that extra personal touch.

With 6 drivers, 6 amps and 6 DACS, the DSP engine signals each driver to cancel out omni-directional radiating sound, inverting notes and using interference. This means that the sound plays well in rooms of all shapes and sizes, with minimal muffling or inconsistency due to audio waves bouncing off the walls. The accuracy to the sound feels incredibly real, with no window between you and the music, therefore the Kii THREE is often used by recording artists.

The stands to the Kii THREEs are bought separately, and house all wires internally for clean aesthetic, nothing detracting from the impressive acoustics.

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