Melco N1Z / 2 EX H60 6tb Music Libary / Server

£5,000 £3,900

Following a recent customer upgrade we are very pleased to be offering for sale this Pre-owned Melco N1Z / 2 EX H60 6tb Music Libary / Server in Silver.
Constructed with audiophile playback firmly in mind, the N1Z/2 benefits from top-end features such as heavy anodised aluminium chassis sections and a rigid internal H-frame to isolate the electronics from unwanted vibration. Storage capacity is taken to a range-topping 6 TB.

Twin power supplies isolate the HDD from the data-processing electronics for optimum sound performance and multiple stages of noise reduction and isolation help deliver music with maximum transparency.

Special attention is paid to the 6 TB HDD: it is carefully mounted on a heavy non-magnetic foundation, covered by a non-magnetic stainless shield cover, all within an isolated compartment of the H frame for optimum sound quality.

In addition, Melco’s legendary simplicity, along with front panel or app control, makes everyday operation effortless.

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