Ortofon MC Anna Diamond (Moving coil Cartridge)

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Product Description

Ortofon Anna Diamond MC Phono Cartridge features Titanium housing and body made with Selective Laser Melting technique and high-performance iron-cobalt alloy for select parts of the magnet system. The Replicant 100 diamond is thin and light with a large contact surface providing unmatched tracing accuracy.

Tech Specs

– Output voltage @1kHz (5cm/s): 0.2 mV
– Channel balance @1kHz: 0.5dB
– Channel separation @1kHz: 25dB
– Channel separation @15kHz: 22dB
– Freq response: 20Hz-kHz +/-1.5dB
– Track ability: @315Hz at 80µm
– Compliance, dynamic, lateral: 9 µm/mN
– Stylus: Polished Nude Replicant 100
– Diamond Cantilever
– Stylus tip: r/R 5/100 µm
– Tracking force: 2.4g (24 mN)
– Tracking angle: 23°
– Impedance, DC resistance: 6 Ohm
– Recommended load impedance: >10 Ohm
– Cartridge body: SLM Titanium
– Cartridge weight: 16g

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Ortofon MC Anna Diamond (Moving coil Cartridge)

MC Anna Diamond

Part of the Ortofon Exclusives series, MC Anna Diamond represents the highest peak of Moving Coil cartridges. It uses a Diamond cantilever in combination with Ortofon Replicant 100 diamond for superior transparency, speed and responsiveness. This state of the art series embody numerous Ortofon design elements and the highest level of performance available from modern analogue playback technology.

Ultimate Music

This flagship cartridge is dedicated to the operatic soprano Anna Netrebko, whose performance exhibits a formidable mix of timeless versatility. The dedication of MC Anna emphasises Ortofon’s unwavering devotion to the purest reproduction of recorded sound.

Diamond Cantilever

The enhancements of a Diamond cantilever have redefined the limits of analogue reproduction delivering better inner detail, subtlety and depth as never before. Ortofon aspires to deliver the ultimate musical experience through innovation, technical expertise and inspiration that unveils true inner emotion.


Increasing the damping capacity of MC Anna Diamond, the Selective Laser Melting process welds together fine particles of Titanium layer-by-layer to build a one-piece unit devoid of surplass materia. This allows precise control of the density of the body enabling incredibly high internal damping. The result is complete freedom from resonances in the cartridge body and perfect matching with a very wide selection of tonearms. Titanium reinforces the rigidity of the structure, cartridge weight and its dynamic capability. The SLM-based build means each cartridge is cosmetically unique with small dimples or lines upon close examination.

Design Elements

The most significant advancement is the drastically higher efficiency magnet system. The optimized geometry combined with neodymium and iron-cobalt grants unheard consistency of the flux density within the mechanism’s air gap. An increase of the internal active material delivers the magnetic field strength more uniformly so each coil can sense identical flux density regardless of position.Consequently, dynamics and impulse linearity are preserved to an incredible extent.

This new optimized magnet system supports use of a lightweight, non-magnetic high strength and rigidity armature benefiting the dynamic capability of MC Anna Diamond. This is because custom precision moulded non-magnetic armature retains the magnetic field during movement and when combined with ultra pure OFC coil wire, it perfectly reproduces the cantilever movements without compromise.

Magnet system

The new magnet system produces a tremendous magnetic flux density eliminating the need for design compromises. The amount of coil windings required for significant output voltages is minimised for further reduction in moving mass. This also allows for more spaciousness within the air gap so coil windings are completely autonomous, with no overlap or interaction just extreme precision in each coil turn. This delivers more natural audio with almost boundless imaging, dimensionality and dynamics.


A crucial design component is Ortofon’s Wide Range Damping system (WRD) which sandwiches a small, heavy platinum disc between two rubber absorbers of different properties. This leads to exceptional tracking performance with seamless damping through the entire spectrum. Distortion and resonance are virtually removed.

Thermo Plastic Elastomer

For more consistent movement, better stereo and transient delineation, system resonances are damped by Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) compound which incorporates the bottom cover assembly. WRD system was initially introduced in 1979 and was also used in the Exclusive Series cartridges; it means the MC Anna Diamond, while achieving the linear frequency response and HF limit, simultaneously tracks an exceptional 80μm at a vertical tracking force of 2.4 grams.

Finest Diamond

MC Anna Diamond employs Ortofon’s Replicant 100 diamond for its thin and light profile and very large contact surface. It closesly matches the shape of the cutting stylus so traces with unrivaled accuracy better than any other needle in existence. Special polishing of the diamond offers extreme transparency and speed while the inclusion of a solid Diamond cantilever delivers the best possible interface between stylus and armaturee due to its robustness and crystal form.

Stylus protection guard

The stylus guard can be easily replaced and removed with no risk to of contact to the delicate stylus assembly. To prevent accidental damage, please mount the enclosed stylus guard whenever the cartridge is not in use. This should also be affixed during mounting or removal of the cartridge. To remove the stylus guard, hold the sides between the thumb and forefinger and pull straight along the orientation of the cartridge.

Stylus Rake Angle

With the complex Replicant 100 stylus shape, positioning the diamond in the groove must be undertaken meticulously. The Stylus Rake Angle is crucial to performance. Set the tonearm parallel to the record surface and to use the recommended tracking force so the contact surface is almost perpendicular to the record surface. The SRA gradually and carefully can be adjusting by VTF and tonearm height. SRA should be around 92 degrees determined by the listening experience.

Azimuth adjustment

To maximise channel separation, adjust the azimuth if the cartridge is not perfectly perpendicular to the record’s surface. Accuate azimuth is set by observing the twin parallel cartridge front lines. These must form a straight line with the reflected lines. A flat mirror can help with this process.

Terminal connections

Ortofon recommend the supplied LW-800S leadwires to be mounted on the cartridge and tonearm before aligning and calibrating the cartridge. The length of the lead wires fits a distance between cartridge and tonearm terminals of 35mm, suitable for most headshells.


Exact bias or anti-skating adjustment is crucial to achieve superior tracking ability and as a result lowest record wear and distortion. For the Ortofon Replicant stylus used in MC Anna Diamond, simply set normal antiskating according to recommended tracking force.