Plixir Elementa DC power supply 12v 4amp


A simple yet very effective upgrade for a wide range of DC Powered products, It really compliments the Melco 100 Series product range,

Based on trickled down technology from thier flagship Elite range of balanced DC power supplies, The Elementa DC power supply is your most cost effective DC power supply solution.  With a dual voltage regulation stage and high quality parts including a custom Noratel transformer, it is still highly superior to most off-the-shelf DC power supplies.

Designed for all high end audio analog and digital DC power supply applications including DAC and phono stages, It is extremely suitable for audio digital auxiliary products like routers, ethernet switches, music streamers, USB signal reclockers, HDD and NAS application, as the 2 stage regulation design prevents digital noise from traversing back upstream, polluting the mains AC power.

Includes Free UK Delivery  -The stocked item is the 4 Amp 12v version please call or email for an alternative specification or info on the wider Plixir power supply range.

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