Seismion Reactio Plus. Active vibration isolation platform


Introducing Seismion  Reactio Plus active Vibration isolation platform.

This professional tool for vibration isolation was developed with the toughest criteria both from the high-end audio field as well as industrial use in metrology and semiconductor production.

It features an exceptional isolation performance starting in the sub-Hertz range. Further information can be found Here

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Seismion Reactio Plus. Active vibration isolation platform

A customers evaluation of the Seismion Reactio Plus.

“So, over the last couple of years, I have auditioned a whole range of products for Studio AV.  Some of these at home in my review system and some at the Demo Lounge – amplifiers, cables, and many source products; and of course, through auditioning, some products you look at and hear you instinctively know why they don’t quite make the mark whilst others are so good that you end up exploring them in more depth and of course sometimes you even end up buying for yourself!!!

Over the years I have held much in store for the postive effects of vibration reduction which is a pivotal witin my own system, I have managed a degree of isolation solutions using custom-made supports and stands. The result is – a system of very detailed, quality sound. (see boxed out).  When StudioAV told me they had purchased a new isolation platform and would like me to audition it for them, of course, I was eager to take it home to try it on my review system.  But I was unprepared for what arrived.

Over the years I have tried many good quality support and isolation systems  but none of these prepare you for the Seismion. The Seismion is an active isolation platform; physically 40cm x 50cm x 8cm and weighs an impressive 16 kg – more than most amplifiers and source products – and will support a weight of over 60 kg; but here’s the thing you plug it in!!! it’s active.  There is a lot about the technology and engineering on the Seismion website and suffice it to say this platform and variations of it are mostly found in laboratories supporting electron microscopes and the like.

Here are a few of my first thoughts

Firstly it’s large and heavy and needs to be set up properly – follow the instructions carefully, secondly using my Esoteric p-05 transport meant that I had a combined weight of over 30 kilos so make sure that your equipment stand can take the weight. Thirdly, like any good Hifi equipment, it deserves a quality mains feed.

So how did all this sound and what was the effect on my system? In some respects, the normal language used for Hifi reviewing, i.e. bigger soundstage, better bass, clearer treble, more depth and so on all become rather irrelevant. Of course, this is only in relationship to my own system as I have yet to hear its effect in the Studio Av Demo Lounge. However, in my review system, what I can say is that the system, already dynamic and detailed sounding had suddenly become a beautifully mature music reproduction system; able to realistically reproduce musical instruments, with weight and realistic timbre taking on natural sizes and positioning in sound stages and those sound stages are as big or as small as they need to be for the natural ebb and flow of the music. I’m sure that my Dynaudio Heritage speakers have never produced such beautiful music.

So are there any issues? As I said before it’s big and heavy, needs to be powered and set up carefully to get the best results. You need one Seismion under your source components first to give wonderful results and if you’re lucky enough to have two, then one under your amplification you will then get the full effects of this extraordinary platform. Even just using one under my Esoteric p-05 already a piece of equipment full of anti-vibration technologies was nothing short of a revelation.  And finally, of course, there is the price for all of this incredible technology. The unit reviewed seems reasonable at £8000 but you will have to decide for yourself.  Is it worth it? In the right system, it can be a complete game changer and I do not doubt that in most systems at most price points you will hear positive differences.  I plan to do a follow-up in the near future at the Demo Lounge so I can gain more knowledge of how the Seismion works under a greater range of products.

My conclusion is that this platform is likely to become the add-on isolation platform of choice for all high-end systems in the future – It has a rating of A**    ”

TW April 2024.

A big thank you to Tim for putting the Seismion through its paces on his own meticulously crafted review sytem. we’ve also been highly impressed with the performance improvements the Seismion can give. We strongly recommend you arrange your own individual demonstration the hear the upgrade for yourself.

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