Set of Eight Entreq Magma Tungstens


We are selling our ex demo set of eight Entreq Magna Tungstens

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Set of Eight Entreq Magma Tungstens

The Entreq Magma Tungsten is the top model out of Entreq’s family of 3 Magma devices.

The Magma Tungsten is best thought of as a form of isolator to be sited under your equipment where they can function as a Tuned Mass Damper. They are constructed from multi-layer wood (3 compressed layers) in the same vein as Entreq’s Athena Equipment Stand which serves to absorb mechanical energy.

The Magma Tungstens each contain a number of materials in their make up and includes Silver, Stainless steel, Tungsten, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Steel & Ceramic

This combination of materials, combined together in strict ratios creates a magnetic field around the device which is designed improve performance by removing noise present within the device when used under electronics.

You can also them on top of a component, you could put 3 underneath an item with a 4th placed on the top, directly above where the mains transformer is sited for example and they can be suprisingly effective. They also can work very well underneath a ground box as well, I’ve had a few customers try this who quite taken back by happened.

The Magma Tungsten are double stacked at 45mm high and each Magma Tungsten can support up to 60kg in weight