Shunyata Research Venom V10 NR Power Cable


  • Venom Series Power Cable
  • 1.75m Long
  • Incredible Performance
  • Complimentary UK mainland delivery
  • No quibble 30 day return for refund

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Shunyata Research Venom V10 NR Power Cable

Venom V10 NR is the entry level Shunyata power cable that features their NR (noise reduction) technology, above the Venom V10 NR is the Delta NR, Alpha NR, Sigma NR.

NR cables are specifically design to reduce electrical noise generated by the component’s power supply as well as noise on the power line itself. Venom NR cables feature large gauge OFE conductors with advanced fluorocarbon dielectrics. The Venom V10 NR delivers advanced technology and unprecedented performance at its very reasonable price point.

The Venom NR series of power cables provide objective, dramatic performance benefits and are very impressive. These maybe Shunyata’s “entry” level power cable but they certainly don’t perform like it!

The Venon v10 XC is the cable recommended to feed a power conditioner due its current handling ability and is £749.00 for a 1.75m cable, this can be specified with either C15 (standard sized IEC) or the larger C19 IEC if being used on a Shunyata power conditioner. The XC range eschews the noise reduction found in the NR and focuses on current delivery which is more critical on mains conditioners and suchlike.

We have the Venom V10 NR available for home loan in both C15 and a Venom XC with C19 termination, please get in touch if you’d like to try one in your system.

Sound Stage review

“Whether videos or white papers, Shunyata wants you not only to listen, but to pay attention to the science behind their products.  I appreciate this. High-end audio has never been short on cable and power products that seem to be based on voodoo engineering.  Shunyata wants you to know that they’re different, and they’ve gone to great expense to prove it.”

“Shunyata’s ethos is not about tuning your system a certain way, or adding this or that coloration to somehow enhance certain aspects of the music, or to counteract colorations caused elsewhere in the system.  Shunyata’s products are about maximizing current delivery and reducing noise, and not much else.”

“The fact that Shunyata Research’s Hydra Alpha A12 power conditioner and Venom NR-V10 power cords got me that much closer to the state of the art for only about 5% of the cost of my system is a testament to what Caelin Gabriel and his company have accomplished.  That makes these products not only an easy recommendation from me, but one of the best values in high-end audio.”

Jeff Fritz, SoundStage!
“Ultra Shunyata Research Hydra Alpha A12 Power Conditioner and Venom NR-V10 Power Cord”

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