Stillpoints Ultra 5 Single


Stillpoints products can be configured in a huge variety of versatile ways to create the perfect sound for your interior. We continually hear demonstrable performance improvements when using the Ultra range from Stillpoints.

This is largely due to their unique noise reducing construction and the materials used. Time after time our customers are amazed at how careful placement can rejuvenate their systems resulting in a meaningful upgrade with a sizable saving.

The Stillpoints Ultra 5 is a larger version of the Stillpoint Ultra SS. The Stillpoints Ultra 5 employs five pockets of Stillpoint technology. It’s ideal anywhere in the system and a really effective performance upgrade

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Stillpoints Ultra 5 Single

The best Stillpoint for floor standing loudspeakers


Height 4.67cm

Diameter Minimum t0 Maximum 4.42 cm to Maximum 7.54 cm

Weight 1.36 kg

Free UK mainland delivery.