T+A Caruso All in One Music System


Occasionally a new product comes along that ticks so many boxes  we can’t resist adding it to our carefully selected Hi-fi portfolio. The New T+A Caruso all in one system is one of those products that just can’t be overlooked.
If you’re a music lover looking to add a quality listening zone into your home, office or bolt hole the Caruso is definitely for you. However you choose to access your music the Caruso will be able to deliver, control could not be easier thanks to T+A’s perfectly developed dedicated T+A Caruso app.
The Caruso is available at StudioAV for demonstration please call if you’d like to arrange your own individual demonstration Tel : 01753 863300

T+A Caruso All in One Music System

The Caruso Series

It was back in the year 2008 that T+A introduced the first Caruso, and within a very short time the device won numerous prizes, gaining absolute cult status due to its outstanding functionality and superb design. Its successor, the Caruso Blu, continued this heritage in a modernised form. By this means both machines laid the foundation for all the units of the Caruso series. The latest sources, a modern mode of operation and a streamlined appearance of timeless elegance: these are the criteria to which every device bearing the Caruso name must measure up. Even though all of them constitute unique developments, they all share the same DNA.  

Design Philosophy

Like its predecessors, the Caruso is a modern, compact device delivering superb sound quality. Whether used as a receiver or an all-in-one system, every Caruso caters for all modern music sources: streaming from the network, the Internet, or your mobile device, as well as the classic CD. Naturally it also includes DAB+ and VHF radio receivers, as well as a bi-directional Bluetooth module and inputs for digital and analogue sources such as TV sets. All these sources are reproduced by your Caruso in brilliant quality, either via its integral loudspeaker systems or through external speakers. Precisely calculated amplifier and speaker configurations enable the system to provide a sonic experience of unprecedented impact for a unit of its size. The Caruso is the first T+A device of any kind to use the NavigatorOS with the 7” HD touchscreen providing intuitive control of all the system’s functions, as well as displaying cover art in impressive style.
If wished, the plinth of the Caruso can be illuminated, since we have integrated an LED strip light in the machine’s bottom plate. For ambient lighting you can choose between different color modes and white, blue, green and red light, and the intensity of the lighting is user-variable.

Technical Highlights


All-In-One Music System

200 Watts continuous
300 Watts peak
2 channel stereo aktive concept
7 high performance drive units
Analogue, digital, USB, LAN, WLAN
Pre Out, Sub Out, headphone
Music services
Tidal, Deezer, qobuz, Airplay 2, Spotify Connect
CD player
Multi format CD text
FM, DAB+, Internet Radio
Bi-direktional sink + source
Gracenote Music ID Services
Airplay 2
Amazon Alexa