Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cable -3m pair


The Silver Diamonds are the cables that Tellurium were not sure could be made (although they hoped that they would be possible).

We are so pleased their dedication paid off, Silver Diamond Speaker cable has received multiple awards proving its well earned stand out performance provides our customers with the big musical upgrade they’ve been searching for.

This cable is in excellent condition with the original Box & Packaging. it has been very well run in and cared for by the previous owner who purchased the cable Brand New.

Factory Fitted 4mm Plugs fitted at all ends.

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Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cable -3m pair

Tellurium Q talk about the fact that any cable from their manufacturer is an electronic filter- whether you want it to be or not, that is just a fact of life. By acting as a filter, any cable causes relative phase relationship issues for the signal. They have taken their research and development that was outlined in “Our Focus” and sought to push the concept of a neutral filter as far as they thought it was possible to give you a highly transparent, natural and “real” presentation.

So, what’s different? Well, compared to the Black Diamond, which was Tellurium’s award-winning multi-product of the year cable, the Silver Diamond has an even better bass definition, improved detail, a more extended top end (without any harshness), and something else which people are finding hard to define simply because they have not heard it before. As one of the first people to hear the cable said, there is a “certain rightness” to the sound, and that is because Tellurium has gotten closer to achieving its goal in cable development and signal transmission than ever before, and you can hear it. Perhaps an analogy would be to talk about the Black Diamond as HD image quality, whereas the Silver Diamond is 4K Ultra HD quality with 3D effortlessly thrown in for good measure.

This cable behaves differently from our others, requiring a run-through of track three from our System disc to properly embed it before listening on a new system- even when it is run in – almost like conditioning the system to make the most of the cable’s abilities. It may sound strange to say that a system needs to be tuned up, or put in tune, to get the most from this cable- but the cable is something quite unique, as you will hear if you get the chance to listen to a system employing it