Tungsten Grooves Mini Groovers Isolation Feet – Individual Foot


The mini groover measures 5 cm wide by 3.3cm high

We recommend a minimum of 3 placed directly underneath your equipmet for optimum performace and balance

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Also in the range is the…

Tunsten Groove isolation foot  W70-H33

Tunsten Groove isolation foor W70-H47  (With 8mm tappedhole for thread)

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Tungsten Grooves Mini Groovers Isolation Feet - Individual Foot

Please note: this product is for a single Isolation foot. For most equipment, it is recommended to use a quantity of 3 or 4 feet for optimal performance and balance.

Introducing a whole new class of vibration isolation feet by Tungsten Grooves, designed specifically to remove and neutralise micro-vibrations from your HiFi components and the surroundings.

Every Tungsten Grooves isolation foot is precision engineered using premium materials carefully refined in over three years of product development.

Improve sound quality, transform the sound stage, lower the base and hear hidden detail.

The W50-H33 is the smallest model currently available, measuring 50mm diameter, 33.5mm high and weighing 0.75 kg.

Having the same design as its bigger brothers, don’t let its size fool you, these mini groovers still pack an audiophile punch.

The petite design sounds and looks fantastic under any component.


Simple To Install and Remove

There is no need to remove the manufacturer’s existing feet from your component as the feet are designed to sit in full contact with your component’s chassis and your hifi furniture.

Simply place your Tungsten Grooves isolation feet under your component and adjust their positioning until you have achieved the optimal effect for your component.

Making these one of the easiest and quickest upgrades to install in your setup.

How They Work

Tungsten is a very dense non-magnetic metal that has been long revered for its vibration absorbing properties being used in everything from aircraft wings to rivet guns for its dampening effect.

Tungsten Grooves have fine-tuned the alloy composition for the end-plates. Leading to what they now consider to be the best balance of opening up the sound stage whilst improving other characteristics such as warmth and base.

The central aircraft-grade stainless steel chamber is filled with a fine tungsten powder where the particles are carefully calibrated for a size that absorbs vibration across a wide range of frequencies leveraging a phenomenon known as particle dampening.


Particle Impact Dampening

Tungsten Groove’s patented design leverages a phenomenon called particle impact dampening. Unlike other approaches, it’s effective over a broad range of frequencies transforming vibration energy into heat through friction and collision between particles.

The central stainless steel chamber is filled with a carefully calibrated grade of tungsten powder, selected for the best performance with a wide variety of music tastes.

The effects of particle dampening increase as your Tungsten Grooves vibration isolation feet warm-up, typically 5 to 10 minutes. Tungsten itself becomes a better conductor of vibration.


Don’t Let The Jitter Bug Bite

One of the problems created by vibration within your electronics is the jitter in the signal caused by interference with sensitive clock timings. Even the most expensive clocks suffer from this.

The impact of jitter ripples through your system, amplified as it goes from component to component until it reaches your speakers and finally your ears.

Chances are you’ve invested in better quality components, speakers, cables and power to achieve the best sound. Before you consider upgrading anything else in your system isn’t it time you focused on the enemy within?

By removing vibrations from your system you can achieve a purity of sound that simply cannot be put back by digital up-sampling, guesswork.



  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Height: 33mm
  • Weight: 730g