VTL 5.5 Line Pre Amp and ST150 Power amp package

£10,225 £8,200

We are excited to be able to offer this exquisite Pre & Power combination from one of the Worlds finest tube amplification companies, VTL.

Both products have originally been sold from New by StudioAV, they are both in excellent condition.

The package is regarded as one of the finest, most musical valve pre/power single pointed combinations delivering plenty of power and grip, combined with body and subtlety

If you are considering an Amplification upgrade we strongly recommend you arrange a visit for a demonstration of this package.

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VTL 5.5 Line Pre Amp and ST150 Power amp package

Features 5.5 Pre Amp

  • Almost half the price of the TL-6.5 Signature Pre-amplifier
  • Luxurious cosmetics to match with Reference and Signature models
  • Fully balanced differential linestage with increased functionality
  • Optional internally retrofittable phono stage, with user adjustable cartridge loading and gain options
  • Precision-regulated B+ and B- supplies
  • Tube life extender circuit with B+ delay and soft filament ramp on power on
  • Balanced design, low-radiation power transformer
  • Quiet logic: Microprocessor sleep mode, quiet non-matrixing LED display with latching shift registers

Line Stage: All-tube, with lower gain high current 12AU7 circuit and 12AT7 buffer, minimal negative feedback

  • Two balanced /single-ended inputs, five single-ended inputs, one tape in, one balanced out, one single-ended out, one buffered record out
  • Soft-touch relay input select
  • 117-step chip-based differential volume control, with 3-digit display
  • Higher resolution via single higher-resolution attenuator, and software control for balance and offset
  • Switchable gain between normal and low gain
  • Mono control on front panel
  • Fully bi-directional RS-232 control: programmable input offset, any input programmable as pass-through, and input disable, tape monitor and Mono control on front panel
  • Two programmable trigger outputs
  • Full function aluminum metal remote
  • TP-6.5 chassis size with all precision machined aluminum cosmetic

Features – S150

  • High energy storage power supply >200 joules
  • VTL proprietary output transformer
  • Very low-noise floor with specially designed grounding scheme
  • Tetrode/Triode Switchable
  • 150 watts per channel in tetrode
  • 70 watts per channel in triode
  • 4 6550 tubes per channel with individual bias setting for each tube
  • Audiophile grade film and foil caps used in the signal path
  • Vacuum Tube Complement 8 x 6550, 2 x 12AT7, 2 x 12BH7
    Output power
    Tetrode: 120W, Triode: 60W
    20Hz – 20kHz <3% THD Into 5Ω
    Input sensitivity @ 150W 100V = 0.880V; 120/240 = 1.0V
    input impedance 130KΩ
    Output Load Range 2Ω – 8Ω
    S/N Ratio -95dB, 120Hz
    Power Consumption Idle = 240W, Full Power = 800W
    Primary Mains Fuse Rating 100V = 15A Ceramic Slo Blo, 120V = 15A Ceramic Slo Blo, 220/240V = 8A Ceramic Slo Blo
    B+ Fuse Rating 1A fast acting ceramic 600V
    Dimensions W x D x H 19 x 12 x 9 inches (48 x 30 x 23 cm)
    Weight 85lbs (38.6Kg), 110lb (50Kg) packed