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Available now at our Chobham demonstration lounge, every Shunyata Research product is engineered for noise reduction and the purest signal fidelity.

Headquartered in Seattle, USA, Shunyata Research is probably the world’s foremost designer of scientifically-researched cable and power technology.  Featuring a wide-range of interconnects, speaker cables, power cables and power conditioners, founder, CEO and chief designer Caelin Gabriel set out to achieve the highest level of audio and video reproduction through scientific research.  By utilising his previous experience as a US military research scientist, Caelin has developed patented technologies and used material science within Shunyata products that define and explain their superior performance.


Interconnects, Speaker Cables and Power Cables.

‌‌It might be the entry-level to the Shunyata Research ecosystem, but the Venom series features much of the technology developed for models higher up the range.

For example, all Venom models feature ArNi® wire technology, created by Shunyata Research and designed to be the finest quality wire available for audio purposes. It begins with the highest purity of copper available – OFE C10100 or Ohno (single crystal). Then it is formed in virtual hollow tubes eliminating skin effects and eddy current distortions.

As with all Shunyata Research products, each Venom cable is treated to the company’s proprietary Kinetic Phase Inversion Process, which includes four days of continuous KPIP™ processing to dramatically reduce burn-in time and significantly improve sonic performance, delivering a relaxed and life-like presentation.


Interconnects, Speaker Cables and Power Cables.

The mid-priced Delta series builds on the ‌‌ArNi® wire technology used throughout the Venom range and adds additional technology to create products that remove even more of the unwanted noise normally associated with lesser cable designs.

All Delta interconnects feature ‌ΞTRON® technology, developed by Shunyata Research, which prevents dielectric absorption and re-radiation in signal transmission. It requires a special type of conductor that has two signal paths and an electric field compensation circuit that creates a cancellation signal that prevents the insulation from developing a charge. ‌ΞTRON® cables preserve the integrity of the source signal even when using very long runs of cable.


Interconnects, Speaker Cables and Power Cables.

The Alpha series feature Shunyata Research’s ‌HARP technology, discovered through Gabriel’s research into ‘current drift’ and audio frequency current resonances that occur in speaker cables. Theoretically, a speaker cable may develop current resonances in the audio band, being roughly analogous to standing waves (modals) in room acoustics. The ‌‌HARP module acts as a current mode diffraction device that breaks up these resonances, improving the perceived resolution and coherency of the system.

The interconnects feature ‌TAP (‌‌Transverse Axial Polarizer), which is a device that interacts with the electromagnetic field generated by the signal traveling along the signal cable. ‌‌TAP improves the sonic performance of the cable by modifying the behavior of the electromagnetic wave that surrounds the signal cable. In effect, the ‌‌TAP blocks longitudinal-oriented waves while passing transverse-oriented waves. The effect in sonic terms is like using polarized sunglasses to reduce reflected sunlight. Correcting polarization micro-distortion reduces what some call sonic glare.

Power Conditioners

Shunyata Research Power Conditioners and Distributors are built to optimize Dynamic Transient Current Delivery and eliminate Component-to-Component Interference. These principles dramatically impact the foundation of your system’s accuracy and dynamic expression. Audiophiles, electronics manufacturers, surgeons, mastering engineers and the finest recording studios in the world all depend on Shunyata Research power distributors when sound and visuals are mission critical.

We keep a wide-range of products available for demonstration at our Chobham demo lounge.  For further information and price guide, you can download the Shunyata Research price list here.

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