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Visit our demonstration lounge to experience the impressive precision and depth of T+A technology

T+A have an extensive range of products to suits all tastes and budgets. Their attention to detail and exquisite engineering combined with first class performance have consistently impressed our studioAV audio experts, so visit our demonstration lounge to experience T+A technology for yourself.

We keep a full range of T+A products available for demonstration at our lounge, including the HV series and R series audio systems, plus the impressive AMP 8 and DAC 8, as well as the class leading Cala complete system. Here are a couple of T+A systems that we offer, but please get in touch on 01753 863300 for more information on our extensive range.

The HV Series

The HV series is a truly original range of high-end electronic equipment. T+A describe the HV Series as the ‘absolute pinnacle of their solid-state products’, and we couldn’t agree more. The stability of the casework, unique aesthetics, highly-developed technologies and innovative circuit designs make this series unparallelled in the audio world at this price range.

You can even get the HV series finished in any colour, including the case components, cover panels, heat-sinks and the front panel. They offer a huge colour range with a matt, semi-matt or high-gloss finish. A real studioAV favourite.

The R Series

The R-devices were considered revolutionary technology when they were first introduced in 1992, and now that they have been developed and ‘re-revolutionised’ into an innovative new range, they are even more impressive. Including 2 discrete amplifiers, 2 state-of-the-art multi-source players and a turntable with wow factor like you can’t imagine, the R Series are housed beautifully in thick-walled aluminium and in several stages are high gloss anodized.

The Series 8 

The T+A DAC 8 DSD is a stunningly engineered piece of audio technology, comprehensively able to convert every form of digital source into analogue signals at the very highest quality. More than just a converter, the DAC 8 DSD has built-in volume control and balanced XLR, with single-ended analogue outputs, meaning it can also be the preamp in an all-digital system. Small and immaculately manufactured this relatively light box exhibits superb quality of music with precision, stability and depth.


The AMP 8 is a versatile and incredibly stable audio piece, with the overall circuit design of the PA 3000 HV integrated amplifier, meaning the input stage and voltage amplifier stage operate at much higher voltage potentials. New engineering innovations within the circuit track layout ensures minimal inductivity, contributing to the incredible transient and dynamic response.


We have both the DAC 8 DSD and the AMP 8 available in our Chobham demonstration room, so you can experience the quality of this powerful combination.


This really is a class leading piece of technology. Comprehensively combining all of T+A’s research and development for previous larger systems, the stunning CALA Stereo Receiver not only focuses on sounding flawless but looks the part too. Sophisticated aesthetic design, impeccable craftsmanship and innovative compact features ensure that this petite receiver will look fantastic on virtually any shelf system. If you are looking for intuitive and effortlessly impressive, you’ve found it.

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