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StudioAV are proud to be one of only six authorised stockists in the country of Tellurium Q Statement.

This forward-thinking brand uses their background in industrial chemistry to create completely unique cables that look relatively ordinary but utilise unusual and unexpected materials and production methods. The tiny details that go into one cable require extreme precision, care and innovation, so Tellurium Q are constantly researching, developing and testing products to ensure coherent, reliable and high-quality results.

With this in mind, Tellurium Q started developing the Statement range, striving to improve on their revolutionary Silver Diamond cables, no easy feat considering they won multiple awards for their Silver Diamond line of products. Through re-analysing each individual and minute detail of how the Silver Diamond range was developed, Tellurium Q managed to optimise the technologies and processes, creating a range that completely surpassed what was formerly thought as optimum cable performance.

We cannot emphasise enough how Tellurium Q’s Statement cables have revolutionised realistic musical reproduction, beyond anything else we have heard. Therefore we are excited to be Official Statement Cable Stockists, with Statement cables available in our demonstration lounge ready for you to experience.

Talk to our team for their expert advice and personal Hi-Fi Doctor service to see how to improve your current system with Tellurium Q.

The Statement Range

The pinnacle of Tellurium Q’s audio developments, the Statement range includes an unprecedented speaker cable, supportive links, an RCA cable that brings out the best in everything else, the best XLR cable that Tellurium Q have ever produced, and a power cable designed to perfectly unite the rest of the Statement range.

Speaker Cables

Tellurium Q offer a variety of different cables ranging from the entry level Blue Speaker Cable, to the impressive Ultra Black Speaker Cable, to the groundbreaking Statement Speaker cable. With every cable being essentially an electronic filter, Tellurium Q focus on creating the concept of a neutral filter, ensuring a transparent and realistic musical presentation. Speak to our experts to discuss which speaker cable would bring out the best in your audio system.


Unlock the huge sonic potential of your speakers with Tellurium Q’s range of bi-wires/links. With each range designed for a different preferred sound, they will make a prominent difference to the detail and neutrality of the sound emitted from your speakers.


Whether you are looking for a DIN, USB, XLR, RCA cable (both digital and phono), Tellurium Q’s version will audibly improve the performance of your speaker. Combining quality larger (speaker and power) cables with consistently advanced smaller interconnects will generate a sound that can’t be surpassed.

Power Cables

Looking for more energy, clarity and bass precision? Tellurium Q’s power cables include enhanced double layered screening, allowing a huge leap in performance. With three fantastic power cables available for different systems, let our team help decide which will give your speakers that sonic boost you’re craving.


Most music will only stretch your system’s abilities to a certain point, causing some components to be utilised infrequently. Tellurium Q offer a system disk that will cover your system’s range, waking up and stretching each of the components sufficiently in a mechanical, magnetic and electronic sense, to ensure optimum performance, no matter what style of music our prefer to indulge in. Tellurium Q describe this disk as a ‘full workout’ for your system to keep it as efficient as possible.

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