S Coward

I would like to say a big thank you to Dom for getting my system to the level of performance it is delivering today. I first made Dom’s and studioAV’s acquaintance in 2013 when my dCS Paganini required maintenance. My original dCS dealer had ceased trading and studioAV was the closest to my home. Dom arranged for me to visit on a day that Rav from dCS was present demonstrating the then new Vivaldi system and as well as giving me an opportunity to audition the new top of the range components, Dom also kindly arranged for Rav to take my transport back to the factory.

In 2015, when the time and funds were right for a system upgrade, I remembered Dom’s previous help and returned to studioAV for a home demo of the Vivaldi DAC. Well, one thing led to another and the purchase of a Vivaldi DAC has since been joined by the Vivaldi transport, clock and upsampler, together with a Melco N1A, full suite of Tellurium Q cables and Stillpoints Ultras under everything!

Dom was also really helpful when I was looking to upgrade my Avalon Indra speakers, arranging for an extended home demo of the Compas speakers and later a delivery of the Estelon XA’s by Fraser of KOG, who set them up and left them for a further extended home demo.

Dom is one of those dealer’s who takes his time with a customer, never being rude or impatient, as has been my unpleasant experience with others in high end audio retail. Never pushy for a sale and always willing to go out of his way and sparing no effort to address customer satisfaction. I now count Dom as a friend and my future business with studioAV secured as a result.