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Vitus Audio has built a reputation amongst hi-fi specialists who are searching for sonically superior speakers. Known for its bass control and dynamic impact, each component is designed and crafted by talented engineers and passionate audiophiles. The refinement and naturalness of the sound ensures an experience you can completely immerse yourself in, bringing you closer to the music that you love.

Vitus RI-101 Integrated Amplifier

In early 2018 Vitus Audio officially launched the new Vitus RI-101, a significant upgrade to the RI-100. With the same main power supply and output stage as the RI-100, this new preamplifier stage is upgraded in every other aspect to create a truly refined and open sound. The high resolution control in the RI-101 provides an even greater transparency than the previous model and the neutrality that comes with it will impress even the most passionate audiophile. The more efficient 1kVA transformer and input stage enhance the clarity meaning it can produce a much more balanced yet powerful sound. The RI-101 also updated the volume control, now using the same high-resolution volume control as the Vitus Audio SL-103 and MP-L201.

Vitus RI-101 DAC Module DAC

The RI-101 DAC is a completely new design for Vitus Audio. Many consider this the best DAC available, as the sound created by the robust streaming technology provides the musicality and transparency that most audiophiles yearn for. The DAC will support Airplay, Roon, MQA, Tidal, Spotify and more. The versatility that this DAC offers is extensive and is recommended by our team to make the most of the incredibly vivid performance the RI-101 exhibits.

Vitus RCD-101

The Vitus RCD-101 CD/DAC is a comprehensive and impressive upgrade to its older model, the RCD-100. Whilst the RCD-100 is still highly regarded, the incredible improvements of its successor create a layered 3D sound with such tonal accuracy that can not be heard in competing products. The RCD-101 is driverless and shows off a new USB interface which supports DSD. You have a range of options along with USB including an AES/EBU input and a SPDIF input, meaning adding dedicated streamers, digital TV or Sky is simple and effective. With an improved power supply over the previous model, the RCD-101 has greater dynamics and a lower noise floor, resulting in a truly immersive and smooth acoustic.

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